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Worldwide Investigators Agency W.I.A.

Worldwide Investigators Agency offers a comprehensive portfolio of investigation services designed to meet the needs and requirements of lawyers in today’s businesses.

Our team of expert investigators continuously review and perfect strategies and techniques used for information gathering and analysis.

They can help you save time and money by handling case analysis for you. Your customers will also benefit from the same type of savings.

But whether our investigations are carried out directly for you or for your clients, they always faithfully reflect WIA philosophy: providing our clients with professional services that improve their financial situation and achieve complete satisfaction.

WIA investigators use state-of-the-art technology and offer unequalled experience and expertise in the fields of criminal, civil, Commercial, Intellectual property, corporate and labour law. That expertise distinguishes us from other investigation firms.


Our Solvency Investigation Department provides you with a financial portrait of the individual or company being investigated. The first step is to verify the information you will submit to us concerning the subject (date of birth, address, etc.). We pursue with any research that may be needed to determine the general financial situation of the individual or company (legal files, credit references and banking information). At this point, if a more thorough investigation is deemed necessary, information concerning areas such as an individual’s employment record or a corporation's assets is obtained and confirmed.

The Solvency Investigation is the starting point of many more comprehensive investigations as it provides an overview of the subject’s financial behaviour, which can as well be an indicator of personal or company integrity.


Similar to the Solvency Investigation but more complex, our Financial Investigation Department provides a list of the subject’s investments in securities,  property, stock market shares, assets and financial statements, as well as any assets, which may be registered under the names of third parties or relatives. The techniques used in this type of investigation vary according to its reason for being (to lift the corporate veil, for example), and according to the particular circumstances of each case.


Our shadowing-Surveillance investigation consists of establishing the whereabouts of a particular individual as well as his daily activities and can be a crucial service in many different situations. For example, through Shadowing-Surveillance, we can determine a subject’s actual level of disability, or determine whether he or she is respecting a non-competition clause. In other words, Shadowing-Surveillance is a valuable tool for gathering evidence of the real situation. It can also be used as part of a more general investigation.

The subject’s activities and movements are recorded with highly sophisticated electronic devices and our investigators submit a detailed report following surveillance. In cases where legal procedures are undertaken because of reconsideration or withdrawal of benefits, our expert personnel's testimony becomes invaluable. Our investigators have an impressive amount of experience as witnesses in criminal and civil courts and in front of review committees.


We offer a variety of services surrounding trademarks. We can check whether a certain trademark is already in use and, if such is the case, investigate the company that owns it in order to find out its size and financial situation. We can also find out if counterfeit products exist and by whom these products are being sold. These investigations can be done once or on a regular basis.

The expertise which we have developed in this field of investigation tells us that the findings vary widely. We may discover stolen or counterfeit merchandise or even black- market products. This type of investigation will enable your clients to identify and define any problems concerning trademark so that they can undertake the necessary legal steps.


We wish to mention our Locate Investigation among the services, which we offer to lawyers because it can be very useful and allow you to save time and money when you need to locate a witness or even a client or other party that has moved and not informed you.


Due to our vast experience, we are able to adapt to each and every situation and proceed with an investigation tailored to you and your client's specific needs. We are fully capable of solving a problem in the most efficient way possible, always with the aim of helping both you and your client saving money.

Our General Investigation can involve any of the strategies developed over the years by our specialized investigators: networks, information analysis, polygraph tests, declaration analysis and interviews with employees in order to reconstruct an event or establish context, etc. General Investigation is useful in cases of fraud, theft or any other problematic situation

If you want to discuss any matter without obligation please contact us.


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Mr Mathieu Nguenkam Wansi