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Worldwide Investigators Agency W.I.A.


Our aim is to provide a first class specialist insurance fraud investigation service, thus reducing reliance upon others lacking specific insurance related knowledge and experience.

Insurance fraud and exaggerated claims affect all insurers. The need to investigate can cause inconvenience and stress to genuine claimants at a time when they need support most. Accordingly, we have built our reputation upon dealing with claimants in an open, helpful manner, doing all that’s possible to ensure that claims are dealt with thoroughly whilst at the same time protecting our client’s position.

By visiting claimants in a professional, courteous way, we are able to obtain all relevant detail to assist in the payment of legitimate claims, whilst identifying those claims where closer scrutiny is necessary. Our investigators are career professionals and adhere to a strict code of conduct.

Our success rate is high in exposing fraudulent claims and falsehoods in statements of facts in proposals or claim forms. Consequently the savings made by the companies on whose behalf we investigate claims are substantial, with many high value claims being rejected on the basis of our findings.

We also undertake the observation of persons, who may be suspected of faking permanent injury in order to claim substantial sums as compensation.

We closely monitor our service levels and are able to provide the management information upon which our clients rely.

An employee or visitor claims to have been injured on the premises of your company. They press for litigation and significant sums of money arise. Surveillance provides objective evidence to prove or disprove the disability. The fact that it is a highly visible and obvious form of evidence means that it can puncture a prosecution case at a stroke

Enquiries to check the bona fides of suspect fraudulent claimants. Surveillance or verification is used to provide full details of the subject’s private activities while he is on sick leave corroborated with photo and/or video evidence. In collaboration with management measures are implemented to determine the culprits, their methods, associates and range of identified and unidentified fraudulent activities


Checking the credentials, and records, of companies and individuals in the Cameroon and on an international basis. In considering commerce and due diligence checks with unknown foreign corporations, it is wise to have independent investigators' checks to ensure that they are who they say they are, can do what they say they can do, and do not have any unfortunate affiliations which you may not approve of. 

This service checks the background, examines the facts, translates them for you and can carry out interviews of primary interlocutors in private and corporate cases


Our tracing services provide a professional and discrete service for anyone wanting to trace someone. Our people finders, who are also known as tracing agents, can help track them down. Whether you are looking for a long lost relative, a former flame, birth relatives, or perhaps someone who is trying to avoid their responsibilities, our people finders will trawl, track and trace that person for you. There are a few tracing companies out there who will charge you for a simple electronic or database search, but this often proves unreliable as the information is solely reliant on accurate and up-to-date data entry or software packages, and does not provide real confirmation. We will use our agents to verify the most up-to-date, current and correct address.

We are a bona-fide investigation company who will use our substantial resource of associated private investigators up and down the country, based locally or overseas if necessary, to provide you with a confirmed accurate trace. A local investigator with local knowledge will work your case and positive results will be confirmed.

Due to our extensive experience and tracing background we are also able to offer complete and unrivalled support during and beyond your initial investigation if necessary, such as acting as a “middleman” in the case of family reunions, or even tracing an ex-tenant who has absconded without paying the rent.

We are also able to provide details of property ownership, credit and bankruptcy records, assets, lifestyle and electoral roll searches.

Where legislation exists to protect all parties, we can at the very least advice you on the correct process and agencies to approach. Please contact us if you are seeking any of the above and we can discuss it further.


WIA Private Investigators speak English and French fluently. We undertake international investigations into persons and companies, seeking weaknesses in the opposition case and probing circumstances in foreign countries. This is facilitated by a network of personal contacts in Africa and Worldwide forged over a number of years. 

Investigations into the status of prospective interlocutors, tracing missing persons and interviewing witnesses, taking statements, obtaining proofs of evidence, video and photographic evidence.

If you want to discuss any matter without obligation please contact us.


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Mr Mathieu Nguenkam Wansi